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Being born and raised in Texas means growing up knowing certain things in life.

For example:

Being able to identify a Longhorn Cow or knowing who the current football coach at Texas A & M is, or maybe being able to tell the difference between an Indian Paintbrush and a Bluebonnet.

However, most of all, a true Texan MUST be able to distinguish between QUE and Bar-B-Que. You have to understand that Bar-B-Que is as common in Texas as grass. There is a Bar-B-Que stand on every corner.

You know that manufactured-machine-tasting-franchised kind of food..YUCK! But let me tell you, there are very few places where you can get…REAL…TEXAS…QUE.

The kind where the Bar-B-Que is not just the taste but an attitude.

There is just such a place right here in the Spring/1960 area in North Houston.. BARNEY’S BAR-B-QUE and GRILL at 2698 F.M.1960 East (1/4 mile west of Aldine Westfield).

The owner, Jim McCune, a native Texan, has gone to great lengths to create authentic Texas style Bar-B-Que. As any true Texan knows, the secret to QUE is the sauce. Jim has spent several years perfecting his BBQ sauce to bring out just the right blend of herbs and spices and to ensure a great BBQ taste. Yes, he has succeeded. The sauce is terrific.

When I was just a little Texan, every Friday night was Bar-B- Que night at BARNEY’S because they have an extensive children’s menu and advertised weekly specials to help take the “bite” out of eating out prices.

There’s a real neat outdoor porch where you can enjoy your QUE and watch the world go by. Jim even mentioned he might have some live music on the porch in the fall when it cools off a little. Wonder who they might have?

The atmosphere of the restaurant reflects Jim’s love for the Texas Hill Country and his working ranch on the banks of the Pedernales River. BARNEY’S is decorated with antiques from his “Rising Star Ranch”. The hardwood tables, farm utensils and coal oil lamps hanging on the walls and the beautifully hand-painted murals done by patron and artist Melinda Lunsford create exactly the accent needed to complete the decor.

All the food is prepared fresh, the meat is smoked each night right there on the premises, ain’t no store bought stuff at BARNEY’S. The menu will introduce you to some of the best chicken fried steak, chicken tenders, and fried catfish strips this side of the Pecos.

The thing that keeps BARNEY’S from becoming your average everyday BBQ place is that Jim is always experimenting with new and tasty dishes. For example, in the coming months there are plans to serve a Fajita salad and several new specialty dishes. Can’t wait!!

Tired of pizza? Having a party?

Just give BARNEY’S a call and they can have “take out” ready for you to pick up in just minutes through the drive-in-window. OR, if enough of you want it, there’s a good chance they will start delivery in the near future.

Whether it’s brisket, ribs,ham, links, or chicken, BARNEY’S can fit the bill when it comes to REAL Bar-B-Que taste.

BARNEY’S accepts all major credit cards and is open Monday- Saturday from 11:00 am til’ 9:00 pm and Sunday from 10:30 am til’ 3:00 pm for Lunch.

OH! I almost forgot, BARNEY’S has the best homemade hamburgers in town. I should know, I had world renowned Hamburger Expert, Wesley Cook, try a BARNEY’S hamburger and he said the meat was the freshest and tastiest he had ever had. So, if you’re a hamburger connoisseur, don’t forget to try Barney’s.

Remember, if you live in the Spring/1960 area and you are looking for a great place to eat at reasonable prices… try BARNEY’S!

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